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August 2022 Round at Parlick

Well, after a hiatus of a couple of years we are back! This year we are having a 4 day round over the August Bank Holiday weekend with tasks on Friday 26th to Monday 29th inclusive. HQ will again be based at Bowland Forest Gliding club for the easy use of Parlick and the other beautiful Pennine sites, with the opportunity to travel to sites in the Lakes or the Dales. A big thank you to the Pennine Soaring Club, Cumbria Soaring Club and Dales Hang Gliding and Paragliding club for permission to use their sites. The XC League part of the competition will also be used to bolster any scores attained at the event itself, so there is plenty to be going at!

The cost for the 4 days is £90.00 and safety trackers will be provided. Camping at £8 per person per night is on the airfield at the Gliding Club and we are able to make use of the toilets and showers in the main building. Competition HQ will also be in the main building. This is a lovely part of the country with some excellent flying sites and the opportunity to meet likeminded pilots and learn a lot while hopefully, having some great flying. We look forward to seeing you.

The UK based paragliding competition for pilots in the non-skygod category. Our aims are – flying, fun and learning – in that order! 

Why enter the BPCup?

It is a friendly competition which gives you an opportunity to hone the skills needed to fly XC successfully. You will be assisted to program your instruments and fly competition tasks, learning in the process that flying with other pilots and having a goal makes XC flying so much more enjoyable. If you struggle with the technicalities of instruments, don’t worry, there will be offers of help. In a competition you will discover that the Meet Director takes care of all the onerous weather forecast interpretation, site choice and task setting, leaving you to just take off and fly the task – simple! Time permitting there will be a daily task debrief, led by either the Meet Director or a senior experienced competition pilot. You will have a great time, meeting a lot of fellow pilots while learning an incredible amount of new skills to help make your flying better and safer. If you are tempted but still not sure then take a look at some of our previous years reports, we had such fun. (Photo is climbing out at Wether Fell - 2019 Dales Round)


Entry restricted to BHPA members rated Pilot and above flying EN A, B and C gliders only, Tandems are allowed but the same pilot must fly both rounds.

Please note that pilots must be Pilot rated and above and BHPA members.


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