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The friendly paragliding competition for pilots in the non-skygod category. Our aims are - flying, fun and learning - in that order! The intention is to provide a friendly, supportive environment to facilitate pilots' development, pushing PB boundaries and achieving competition goals.  However if you are already an aspiring Skygod, win or come 2nd overall and you will be rewarded with a priority paid entry to one or both rounds of next year's Nationals and get to fly with the real Skygods. See the Sponsors and Prizes tab for more details.

Entries for 2018 rounds are now open

We are looking forward to a fun filled year, with the icing on the cake being our foreign round in sunny Macedonia. Come and join us, we'd love to have you.

**STOP PRESS - Dean Crosby will be task setting and giving us the benefit of his comp experience during our Macedonia Pre Comp week. If you don't know Dean already, take a look at his CV here - http://www.xcbrazil.com/index.php/about-us/dean-crosby/

Main Krusevo take off

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