Comp reports

Pennine Round 2018

HQ and camping courtesy of the Bowland Forest Gliding Club at the foot of Parlick.

Well what can you say, a long weekend ahead and a forecast of South to South West wind and thermals for 4 days. Be serious, it is North of the Watford gap and we are only allowed sunshine for 1 day at a time.


Friday the 4th Task 1

The forecast was for a gloomy start then to improve later in the day, so a cat’s cradle 10 waypoint task was set by our Meet Director Gareth Aston. Luckily for me I could not get away from work until after lunch and was there just in time to take part. So, I dropped in the van at the site and rushed up on the grom (motorbike), did not need to walk up too far and took off into a thermal and was off on my way. Got the first 5 waypoints but the sea breeze turned the wind west. However still done well and had 2 hours flying.

Saturday the 5th Task 2

Peaks Round 2017

British Paragliding Cup 2017 (Peaks Round) 5th - 12th August August is the new October. It may be a bit warmer, the days a little longer, but the depressions rattle in from the Atlantic with all the energy of Autumn storms. It’s never a good month to hold a paragliding competition - but still we persevere.

Reports from 2015 - Round one  -  Pennine (1  -  4th May)

After two years of enjoying the coastal delights of the Isle of Wight, the British Paragliding Cup (BPC) moved the first round back to the mainland and headed  north; well north  ….. to a small, quaint village nestling near the foot of mighty Parlick- spiritual home of the ‘Pennini’ and some of the best xc pilots in the land.  Depending on where you come from Parlick is either a site to drool over, “God! It’s big – wish we had sites like this” or a foothill at the southern extremity of the Bowland Fells.