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Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak the 2020 BPCup has been cancelled. 


BHPA statement – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This advice is being written on 24 March 2020. Over the previous week the BHPA has sought to preserve the ability to fly of those pilots who could safely and sensibly do so whilst remaining within the Government guidelines.

The Prime Minister's statement at 20.30 last night has made it clear that we are essentially in lock down. Our efforts to keep the door ajar for a few pilots have therefore come to an end. There is no way that BHPA Exec. can support the concept that any travel in order to go flying is in any way necessary.

Many clubs have closed their sites and we require members to abide by these closures. The BHPA centrally has always maintained that the clubs know what is best in their locality, and this is perhaps the most important time for us to abide by that belief. Please follow the Government guidelines and stay at home.

The BHPA Office is now closed and those staff who can work from home are doing so. The Association itself is like many of our hang gliding and paragliding small enterprises, entirely reliant for its existence on people participating in our sports. There will be difficult times ahead. We will be supporting our staff in the same way as the other SMEs by accessing any Government schemes open to us. Should you wish to contact the office, the phones are being manned remotely and the staff have remote access to our database and emails.

Marc Asquith, BHPA Chairman, March 24th 2020


The UK based paragliding competition for pilots in the non-skygod category. Our aims are – flying, fun and learning – in that order! 

Why enter the BPCup?

It is a friendly competition which gives you an opportunity to hone the skills needed to fly XC successfully. You will be assisted to program your instruments and fly competition tasks, learning in the process that flying with other pilots and having a goal makes XC flying so much more enjoyable. If you struggle with the technicalities of instruments, don’t worry, there will be offers of help. In a competition you will discover that the Meet Director takes care of all the onerous weather forecast interpretation, site choice and task setting, leaving you to just take off and fly the task – simple! Time permitting there will be a daily task debrief, led by either the Meet Director or a senior experienced competition pilot. You will have a great time, meeting a lot of fellow pilots while learning an incredible amount of new skills to help make your flying better and safer. If you are tempted but still not sure then take a look at some of our previous years reports, we had such fun. (Photo is climbing out at Wether Fell - 2019 Dales Round)


Entry restricted to BHPA members rated Pilot and above flying EN A, B and C gliders only, Tandems are allowed but the same pilot must fly both rounds.

Algodonales Round. HQ will be at the CIVA Buildings, Camino de Madrigueras, Finca El Tejar, 11680 Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain. Sunday 29th March - Friday 3rd April, registration Saturday 28th March, Party Friday 3rd April.

Dales Round. HQ and camping will be at the The Dalesbridge, near Austwick. Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th July 2020, registration evening of Wednesday 8th July.

Once again we are venturing abroad to try and get some more reliable conditions for the competition, this time we have chosen an early round in Algodonales Spain. For those who have not been lucky enough to visit before, 'Algo' is a small village situated in Andalucia, southern Spain. It has a range of pilot friendly sites, beautiful scenery, great infrastructure and there is a wonderful chilled atmosphere for pilots. This is a great opportunity to get some amazing flying early in the season. Picture is of a glider having just taken off from the main Lijar take off heading towards the 'twin' peaks.

Flying from Lijar take off towards the 'Twin' Peaks

In an attempt to limit the disastrous effect the UK weather can have on any flying competition, the new XC bonus element, introduced in 2019 will stay going forward, adding some fun to the competition as well as providing an extra shield against tasks lost to our weather. Essentially the competition will consist of:

Round 1 – Algodonales, Andalucia, Spain 6 task days 

Round 2 – Dales, 4 task days

Round 3 – XC bonus

This new feature allows BPCup pilots to add a capped number of points from their UK XC league overall score to their final BPCup score, however only flights on EN A, B or C wings will qualify. Flights on EN D or comp wings will not score. The exact score is based on a unique handicapping system, for full details see the Rules tab in the main menu above, Rule 16. The scores so far this season are under the Results tab also in the main menu above.


Please note that pilots must be Pilot rated and above, BHPA members, and for the round in Alogodonales it is mandatory that all pilots must have proof of insurance, in writing, that covers them for an amateur paragliding competition.


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If a round is full and you wish to be placed on the waiting list please contact admin@bpcup.co.uk

The BP Cup has 2 rounds in 2020. Please select the round(s) you want to enter. If you don't see the rounds, please make sure you've logged in.
10% discount if entered as a series before the 1st of February.

IMPORTANT - To take advantage of the discount you must enter the series, DO NOT enter the rounds separately or the discount will not apply.

Individual Rounds