What do I need to sort out before I go to an Event / Round?

There's two sets of things you have to do, the stuff before the summer season and then the things you need to prepare just before you set off to each round. Don't worry there's not much to it and this page is really just summarising what is in the rest of the FAQ pages.

The reason for this Check List is that without preparation, time is wasted in admin (generally registration and tracklog download times) for the organisers which means they can't get you to site and flying as early as possible. So more pilot preparation equals more flying.

Things to do before the season.

1) Sort out your FAI card with the BHPA if you want to score points in the Opens / World Pilot Rankings.

2) Learn how to input and fly tasks with your GPS, half an hour spent struggling with your GPS on take off could be half an hour better spent flying. This is closely allied to understanding about start, turnpoint and goal cylinders.

3) Learn how to set your GPS for upload and download especially for XC Trainers, Garmin C60s and MLRs.

4) If any of your entry form data (e.g. emergency contacts, wing etc) changes before a round, let the organisers know by email. Its quicker to get all the changes done before than to change entries with a queue of people behind you at registration.

5) Sort out your airmaps, the organisers only provide airmap copies to occasional rounds.

Things to do before you set off to each round.

1) Blank your GPS (save your previous data if you wish) of all waypoints, routes and tracklogs. An empty GPS is a fast GPS and it'll save any confusion with what the comp software uploads to your GPS.

2) Set your GPS to WGS84 datum especially if its an MLR. This will ensure that we're all registering the same spot on the ground.

3) Bring a bit of paper to write the task down on. There's a lot to remember at the task briefing.

4) Batteries, charge 'em and bring spares... yada, yada. You knew that anyway.

If you can get all these done beforehand then the organisers will have time spare to make the comp even better for you folks.

Thanks - The Organisers