Conditions of entry

By entering the BP Cup you are confirming that all the information you enter is correct and that you have read and are fully conversant with ALL the rules and regulations governing your entry into the BP Cup. You also confirm that you will endeavour to follow said rules to the best of your ability whilst competing in the BP Cup.

Privacy policy & conditions of use

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These pages contain general information about the services of the BPC.  Detailed advice should always be obtained before taking or refraining from any action as a result of the comments made on this website. The comments are intended only as a general guide to their particular subjects.

If erroneous or otherwise inaccurate information is brought to the organisers' attention, every effort will be made to correct or delete this where appropriate. Such information should immediately be reported to the BPC.

BPC Privacy Policy


This privacy policy sets out how  the BPC uses and protects any information that you give us (BPC) when you use this website.


The rules for the British Paragliding Cup are laid out below. It is the responsibility of every pilot to read and understand these rules.It is expected that all pilots fly in a manner that maintains their safety and that of their fellow pilots, within the scope of the BHPA flying guidelines. If you have any queries please contact the BPCup organisers.

It is a condition of entry to the BPCup competition for all pilots to accept, without exception, to hold the organisers and British Competition panel blameless and waive all claims to compensation.

The Meet Director and organisers of the BPCup have the right to refuse entry to any pilot.

1. Responsibility.
1.1 A pilot accepts sole responsibility for his or her decision to fly any tasks, if you do not feel comfortable flying a task then do not take off.

1.2 Pilots are deemed responsible for their legal requirements with respect to flying cross country (see 9 below).


Can I get a refund if I withdraw from an event?

Entry fees will normally be refunded if you withdraw from an event 60 days or more before the event. If it's between 30 days and 60 you will get a 50% refund. If it is between 7 days and 30 you will get a 30% refund. If it is less than 7 days you will not get a refund. Any refund will be subject to a 10 GBP administration fee for each refund we have to process, and adjusted for any discounts.

Following the withdrawal of any competitor, the place will be offered to the first pilot on the waiting list. If there is no waiting list, the withdrawing pilot may "sell" his place to another pilot after first checking with the BPCup organisers that they will agree to this. The 10 GBP administration fee will still be payable.

How do I pay?

You pay online when you 'shop' for your rounds, this is done through a PayPal system.

If for any reason you cannot pay in this manner please contact Viv at the E-mail address provided.

Email: Finance@bpcup.co.uk


What GPSs are permissable?

We support all widely-used 'free flight' GPS apps and integrated instruments from major manufacturers which record 3D tracks, including:

- Aircotec
- Brauniger
- C-Pilot
- Digifly
- Garmin
- Flymaster
- Flytec
- Flyskyhy
- MLR (Free flight version only)

Generally if it is supported by GPSDump it will be supported by our Check in program. If in doubt ask and we will check.

Must the primary GPS or flight recorder be capable of recording in 3D format - ie including altitude?

Yes, following airspace infringements we have decided to make this a requirement.

What is the procedure at Registration with respect to GPS's?


What do I need to sort out before I go to an Event / Round?

There's two sets of things you have to do, the stuff before the summer season and then the things you need to prepare just before you set off to each round. Don't worry there's not much to it and this page is really just summarising what is in the rest of the FAQ pages.

The reason for this Check List is that without preparation, time is wasted in admin (generally registration and tracklog download times) for the organisers which means they can't get you to site and flying as early as possible. So more pilot preparation equals more flying.

Things to do before the season.

1) Sort out your FAI card with the BHPA if you want to score points in the Opens / World Pilot Rankings.

2) Learn how to input and fly tasks with your GPS, half an hour spent struggling with your GPS on take off could be half an hour better spent flying. This is closely allied to understanding about start, turnpoint and goal cylinders.

3) Learn how to set your GPS for upload and download especially for XC Trainers, Garmin C60s and MLRs.


What is the BPCup all about?

The BPCup is a friendly, learning proving ground for pilots that wish to try competition as well as for the more experienced pilot that likes a more 'relaxed' occasion. It is a competition where you will learn an awful lot and hopefully improve your flying too.

What pilot standard is expected?

You must be comfortable flying cross country in the company of other pilots although competition experience is not required. Tasks depend on the day but are generally in the region of 15 to 40K.

What about accommodation?

We will publish an accommodation list for each event in due course. There are usually plenty of B&Bs around but most pilots camp, usually at one preferred site, and usually where registration, briefing and scoring takes place. So get yourself a nice big tent (the big ones are just as cheap as the small ones why be a masochist?) and a sleeping bag and join the fun. There will usually be a barbeque or other meal laid on for the Saturday night but please remember the 12 hour rule and DON'T fly with a hangover.

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